Physiotherapy clinics have multiple hurdles to face. If you’re part of one, you’ve probably faced those issues. From assessment timings to appointment durations, results, and progress documentation to diagnosis based on what may sometimes be insufficient information, you don’t want to add more to this mess. In such scenarios, your equipment can be your biggest friend. This is where Ashva comes to your aid.

We at Ashva, have two primary products – Fitknees and Fitmust. While they have their individual uses and benefits, here’s why you should invest in them and by extension, us.

To begin with, our patient-centric design means our products have easy-to-use features and are portable. Our equipment isn’t bulky or massive, making it easy for both clinicians and patients during the whole assessment. This also opens up possible avenues for home-based reviews and sessions, helping increase patient trust and adherence. Who doesn’t love a patient who sticks to your recovery plans enthusiastically?

From a physiotherapist’s point of view, GAIT Analysis is extremely important. Well, what if it was possible to make such an expensive and time-consuming assessment both affordable and quick? That’s exactly what Fitknees does – GAIT in a minute. Not only does it deliver satisfactory results, but it’s also portable, meaning you don’t need elaborate GAIT rooms anymore! Fitknees takes care of all the possible anomalies so that you can make a diagnosis your primary focus.

But here’s the thing. Quick assessments have no significance if there is no documentation of results. Don’t worry, we took care of that too! Our heavily researched software comprising several complex and highly efficient machine learning algorithms generates instantaneous reports called “Kneeports”. These “Kneeports” are then sent directly to both the patient and the clinician for further evaluation. Our reports include all the necessary vital parameters, helping standardize your diagnosis based on processed data. This data can also be shown to patients to increase their adherence since people trust data-based results and our products do the same.

Listening to these features and uses, you may begin to wonder if our products are a luxury. Fortunately, all of Ashva’s products are Made in India, allowing us to reduce the cost of production and transportation. Our costs are at least 50% lower than those of our foreign competitors, who export their products to Indian clinics. In addition to these, we boast great aftermarket support, timely updates, and AMCs free for up to 2 years.

Quick and accurate assessments followed by instantaneous reports mean that you save time ( For physiotherapy clinics, time is of the essence given the high number of appointments a clinician must see to. Using our products, not only do you save time, you get to tend to more patients and enable greater patient trust through statistics. And well, who knows – they may even refer you to their friends and family.


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