Being trusted by hundreds of patients every single day brings its own set of challenges – something physiotherapy chains know all too well. From peculiar and rare cases to an incredible amount of documentation that goes behind the scenes, the problems chains face are extremely difficult to comprehend, let alone solve.


So when searching for the right equipment partner, chains are always searching for the ones who best understand their problems and accordingly, customize solutions to their issues. This is where we at Ashva, fill those shoes and make sure every chain can overcome certain issues just by investing in us and our products.


The biggest issue out of the ones we solve is the standardization of assessment results. Chains as a whole see massive numbers of patients every single day. They are seen by various doctors across various locations and this brings us to the question, “How do make assessments non-subjective?” Ashva’s metric-based products allow you to put statistical standards into assessments to reach a consensus on overdiagnosis.


Standardized parameters come with another set of advantages – differential diagnosis. While customization of recovery plans is always necessary, our analyzed data helps you put such assessments in pre-existing recovery plans so that you don’t have to go through raw data to figure out what needs to be done from scratch. These allow you to create standardized assessments for your patients and save diagnosis time.


Heavy traffic also means a great ruckus in data collection. Storing assessment results and progress reports can get incredibly taxing for chains and that’s when our swift report generation steps in. With instantaneous reports generated for each assessment, we make sure penning down your patient’s results doesn’t come in the way of their recovery.


Now here’s where our documentation superiority takes clinical research to a whole new level. Our reports aren’t just quick, they go to your database for future reference. Not only do we help keep track of present cases, but you also get to check what similar cases were seen, and even for general usage, keep track of the number of such cases. Such data is extremely useful for intra-chain research purposes or surveys to better analyze the latest developments in physiotherapy and especially, patient trends.


While our products can help you immensely, you’re not just investing in our products. You are investing in us, and we serve you as your trustworthy partners out on a mission to change how people see physiotherapy and how we together, can be the change-bearers. We will furnish you with constant updates, frequently communicating and asking for feedback so that we can enhance your experience and your patients. 

Let’s make this clear. Your investment won’t just make you our customer. You become our partner. And we look forward to engaging with you and taking confident, decisive steps toward our common goal – making physiotherapy data-driven!


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