Imagine that you’re street shopping. You see a plethora of t-shirts, dresses, shoes and whatnot. Patterns that you saw just the other day in the magazine. If being spoiled for choice wasn’t enough, each and every one of these items are dirt cheap, costing less than half of the ones you had seen and drooled over in the magazine. Despite this, it wouldn’t surprise anyone if you came back home empty-handed. Everyone knows that all of them are nothing but cheap counterfeits which won’t even last a week. But what if we told you that this isn’t always the case. What if we told you that you could get a product with all the bells and whistles at a fraction of the market cost. Impossible to believe? Better make it possible, because that’s exactly what Ashva is all about.
Dealing in data-driven physiotherapy equipment, our motto is to make musculoskeletal healthcare accessible to everyone. Traditional clinical physiotherapy, undoubtedly accurate and effective, comes with a huge cost, be it for the clinician or the patient. Equipment such as the isokinetic dynamometer costs between 1-1.5 crore and gait analysis systems between 1.5-2 lakh. These are just 2 of the variety of equipment that you would require in order to set up a decent practice. Even if you manage to procure all the delicate, high-precision equipment, what about the cost of maintenance? Reports suggest that the cost of setting up a general medical practice in India requires about 15-17 lakh as a one-time investment and 1.3-5.1 lakh on a monthly basis. One can only imagine how these numbers would shoot up when you consider the equipment-intensive branch of physiotherapy.
Now you would say that these are still the traditional equipment used by big hospitals rather than smaller clinics. Clinicians now have access to more compact and comparatively cheaper equipment such as handheld dynamometers, roll-out gait analysis mats, etc. But are they really accessible in the true sense?
Let’s consider the handheld dynamometer. Hogganscientific’s MicroFET costs about 1.37 lakh. Lafayette sells their dynamometer for about the same price as MicroFET. Agreed these companies are household names when it comes to physiotherapy, but get this. Ashva’s handheld dynamometer Fitmust, comes in at a mere Rs. 50,000. For features almost at par if not more (Fitmust’s battery life is more than that of Lafayette’s), you pay one-third the cost. Even though there are options that are slightly cheaper than the above two, they lack basic features. For example, K-Invent’s version costing almost 1 lakh is bulkier than the Fitmust and doesn’t come with a digital display.
Now coming to gait analysis. Clario Opal is the gold standard when it comes to gait analysis technology. Obviously, this comes with a big price tag. It’s common knowledge, the expense of their set-up and maintenance. Although there are competitors such as Gaitrite, Tekscan, GaitOn, they all pose two problems. The prominent issue with them is that they are not exactly compact. They come with a rollout mat to check the gait of a patient. While it may still be easy to store, a clinician in India might not have the area needed to lay out the equipment that requires a camera-monitor set-up too. Ashva’s solution for this is the Fitknees. Comprising 4 non-invasive strap-on sensors on your knees, the Fitknees can perform gait analysis (and so much more) of a patient and give results in under 10 minutes. With 94% Angular, 83% Spatial, and 99% Temporal accuracy, any anomaly which is alarming enough to be detected, definitely will be with Fitknees. And the best part? Fitknees cost just 2.5 lakh which includes a tablet, the software needed, and the Fitmust.
We know that there are companies such as VALD which provide the entire clinic set-up with their options. Yet, there are a lot of benefits with choosing someone like us. Functionalities by 3 separate equipment sold by VALD (DynaMo, Forceframe, Humantrak) are all condensed into our Fitknees. Above all of that, we are an Indian company solely prioritizing our nation’s stellar clinicians. Most of these big companies extend poor client support when it comes to smaller clinics. Every proud owner of Ashva’s Wearables can second the claim that we never neglect our customers. Prompt technical support and assistance is something that you as a customer can take for granted when you buy one of our products.
So coming back to our original discussion. The question that we asked you is no longer a hypothetical one. You now have the product with all the bells and whistles at a fraction of the cost. There’s only one thing left to do now. Choose Ashva!



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