As we lead our lives day by day, we sometimes take a few things for granted, joint health being one of them. We often take for granted the simple movements that allow us to walk, run, and jump. However, for many people, joint pain and discomfort can make these simple actions a painful and difficult experience. At our company Ashva , we are passionate about knee health and joint health because we understand how critical these joints are to maintaining an active and fulfilling lifestyle. Whether you are an athlete looking to improve your performance or someone who simply wants to enjoy life to the fullest, healthy joints are essential. That’s why we are committed to producing and selling products that support joint health and help people unlock their full potential.

With the lifestyle we lead today, the probability of you experiencing joint pain is significantly high. Obesity, sitting around too much, and nutritional deficiencies all lead to poor knee and joint health. You may ask, with the existence of serious heart conditions and brain disorders, isn’t knee health comparatively insignificant? Well, what if I tell you that bad knees can increase your chances of suffering from heart conditions? 

Knee health is important in ways which may surprise you. Eager to know? Wait no longer – 


  •  Our knees are essential for us to live our everyday lives –  It sounds like common sense, right? Allow me to spell it out, if you have healthy knees, you can perform daily activities with ease and you don’t have to suffer from pain. You can go shopping, you can cook, clean, drive your car to work, play with your kids, take your dog out for long walks, enjoy nature and overall, you get to live a little. If bad knee health is preventable, then why not opt for preventing it? Why not take care of your knees? So many people neglect their joint health, assuming that pain and limitations are just an inevitable part of life. But what if you could prevent it all? What if you could take control of your joint health and ensure that you can live your life to the fullest? Don’t let bad knees hold you back.


I didn’t make it a priority, and as a result, my knee didn’t heal to the extent it should have – Shawn Johnson


  • Good Joint Health Can Prevent Cardiac Issues – Of course, not directly. Exercise is an extremely important part of our lives. It is the strongest cure for mental health and also cardiac health. When you concentrate on knee health, you also indirectly concentrate on cardiac health, because you start to exercise and move your body. If you really dig deep, you can also connect joint health to mental health. Imagine not being able to exercise because of bad knees. With healthy knees, you can exercise without fear and you can lead a happier life. 


Having a normal knee would make life a lot easier –Andy Murray


  • Knee-Spine Syndrome – Have you heard of it? If not, let me explain. Osteoarthritis is a common condition that affects the knee joint, and if left untreated, can cause instability and a waddling gait. This abnormal gait pattern can result in increased energy expenditure, leading to fatigue and reduced activity levels. the side-to-side motion of a waddling gait can accelerate the degeneration of the spinal joints, leading to back pain and other complications. In severe cases, the knee joint may become so damaged that it cannot fully straighten, causing compensation movements in the lower spine and further straining the ligaments, muscles, and joints in that area. This is known as knee-spine syndrome.

Basically, a healthier knee is directly proportional to a healthier spine. You have the power to prevent back pain caused due to OA knee if you take better care of your knees. 


Never let your knee pain come between you and happiness


  • Knee Pain Can Cause Shoulder Pain – According to a study conducted in 2016, osteoarthritis of the knee can cause shoulder pain which is likely mediated through weakness of the legs. This is mostly due to the biomechanical chain of events happening in our body when we walk in pain. This really shows that knee health is important in ways which you cannot comprehend and it is very crucial to maintain knee health and preserve it when you have the chance. 



The economic impact of knee health is no joke. The costs can be categorized as direct, like medications, physical therapy, and surgery. Indirect costs are loss of productivity, disability benefits, and even premature mortality Intangible side-effects are pain, depression, and reduced quality of life. The costs vary wildly from country to country, and even between institutions within the same country. But it’s not just the financial burden that’s at stake – it’s the emotional toll as well. Living with chronic pain and limited mobility can be devastating, leading to depression and reduced quality of life. 

Wearable technologies can have a significant economic impact on joint health and the healthcare system as a whole. Wearable technology is poised to revolutionize the healthcare industry. Experts predict that in the next 25 years, wearable tech could save the healthcare sector a whopping $200 billion worldwide. And the secret to these savings lies in their ability to accurately predict potential health problems before they become full-blown issues. By teaming up with artificial intelligence, wearables can alert patients to the onset of conditions like heart disease, giving them the chance to seek affordable and effective treatment options.

But it’s not just patients who stand to benefit from this tech revolution. Hospitals can expect to save up to 16% on operating costs by integrating wearables into their treatment protocols. CEOs in other sectors can use wearables to offer better health insurance packages for their employees, while insurance companies themselves can see fewer claims thanks to the overall health boost that comes from wearable tech. Wearable technologies and their derivatives also have the capacity to change the conventional methods of treatment and shift how therapies are delivered. Constantly tracking a patient’s progress enhances communication between doctors and patients and ultimately breaks a barrier between them. 

Investing in wearable technologies directly allows patients and doctors alike to practice preventive measures. For example, slight changes in gait can be an indicator of musculoskeletal conditions. Quantifying gait and providing the patient with visual feedback allows them to understand their body better and encourages them to take a stand on improving their health. When patients understand that their health matters, it directly affects the economy of the healthcare industry in a positive way. The more enabled patients are to take their health into their own hands, the easier it will become to avoid major medical emergencies and streamline routine medical care. When serious medical events do occur, wearable technologies allow patients to confirm the severity of their medical emergencies and take appropriate action.

With the help of our wearable technology, Fitknees, we are able to provide patients with a Kneeport which we would like to call an ECG for your knees. Our passion for kneeports stems from facts, and facts alone. Allowing people to visualise their knee performance through data is something we truly love. Our technology directly has the potential to cause an economic impact on patients and hospitals. With our technology, you wouldn’t need 3 people to measure your gait and also wouldn’t need a large and expensive gait lab. It allows healthcare professionals to be efficient with time and helps them concentrate on all their patients equally. Patients wouldn’t need to spend a lot of money on time-taking gait evaluations which helps them immensely.

With the world around us changing so fast, why stay in the mud? Investing in wearable technologies is a step into the future, an innovation which can change the way healthcare works. 


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